About DÝR

DÝR - (n.) Icelandic word for animal -

We are DÝR. A new clothing brand which has it origins based in The Netherlands. Our team exists out of young people which are determined to make a change in the world and the fashion industry. Our goal is to make sure we all have a part in helping to make this world a better place, especially for the animals on this beautiful planet, who can not always stand in for themselves.

All of our clothing is developed with sustainable materials and free from any harmful substances or chemicals. An ethical work environment for the people who make our clothing is essential to us as well. We are constantly working on making our brand more sustainable in order to create a complete eco-friendly business which can be successful in several ways.

DÝR is determined to make a difference for our shared planet. When you shop at DÝR, rest assured that we’re endeavoring to make a generous donation to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, a global nonprofit working to create a world where animals and people thrive. Find out more about their work at ifaw.org.

As we see it now, we believe that with our love for animals, nature and clothing we can create a fashion brand that exceeds all expectations that you previously had with your former clothing brands and of course having our part in making the world a better place, every little bit counts.

Check out our collection, especially made for you, love DÝR.